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  1. ISBN 13: 9780785210283
  2. Through the Bible with Les Feldick, Book 10
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Ezekiel - Damian Kyle - July 7, Ezekiel Damian Kyle - June 30, Ezekiel Damian Kyle - June 16, Ezekiel Damian Kyle - May 26, Ezekiel Damian Kyle - May 12, Ezekiel - Damian Kyle - May 5, Ezekiel 23 Damian Kyle - April 28, Ezekiel - Damian Kyle - April 14, Ezekiel - Damian Kyle - April 7, Ezekiel Damian Kyle - March 17, Ezekiel Damian Kyle - March 10, Ezekiel Damian Kyle - March 3, Ezekiel Damian Kyle - February 24, Ezekiel Damian Kyle - February 17, Ezekiel Damian Kyle - February 3, Ezekiel Damian Kyle - January 27, Ezekiel Damian Kyle - January 20, Mark Damian Kyle - December 2, Mark Damian Kyle - November 25, Dont miss more of this riveting story as we discover the explanation of the fourth beast in Daniels vision.

Four beasts characterizing four kingdoms.

ISBN 13: 9780785210283

That what weve learned so far about Daniels vision. But what does it mean? And how did the prophet figure it out? Metallic images. Fearsome beasts.

Through the Bible with Les Feldick, Book 10

The book of Daniel reads a bit like a crazy science fiction film. But in chapter seven, were realizing Gods Word is more exciting than any Hollywood blockbuster, and more meaningful too.

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Hop aboard the Bible Bus well learn about the dreadful and terrible fourth beast in Daniels God-given vision. God always does what He says Hes going to do.

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Thats one of the lessons well learn as our study of Daniels vision of the four beasts continues in Daniel, chapter 7. Prophetic light in the historic nightthats the title our teacher, Dr. Vernon McGee, gave to the last six chapters of Daniel.

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  7. Witness the fantastical visions God gives to Daniel and discover their deep meaning. More than just a Sunday school story, the account of Daniel in the den of lions has important spiritual applications for us today. Hop aboard the Bible Bus for a fresh look at this classic tale with our teacher, Dr.

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    Vernon McGee. No doubt youve heard the phrase the writing is on the wallmeaning, something is coming that cant be stopped.

    But did you realize this expression has its roots in the book of Daniel? Find out who wrote on the wall and what it means as Daniel is once again called into King Belshazzars presence. You cant ride someone elses coattails into heaven.

    Thats the lesson well learn from Nebuchadnezzars grandson, Belshazzar. Join us in Daniel, chapter 5, as we follow his wild antics and witness his rebellion against God.