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The Bible’s answer
  1. End Time Events Explained – Part 2
  2. What will happen in the end times?

NASA and the European Space Agency have plans to do just that: In , they intend to crash a spacecraft into an asteroid to try to alter its trajectory.

Describing such plans to counter extinction threats is what makes End Times stand out. He also discusses more theoretical solutions that scientists have thought up, like how to cool magma beneath a supervolcano to prevent an eruption. He learned how eating bugs could be a viable food option if a small group of humans were to survive a catastrophic event.

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End Time Events Explained – Part 2

Jimmy DeYoung look at some of the prophecies related to the temple to be built in the Tribulation Period. You will also hear some of the information that is already taking place, indicating that the Rapture, an event that will occur before the temple is rebuilt, must certainly be near.

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  4. End Time Events!
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What are the Signs? By: Dr. His response offers surprising insights, because much of what Jesus mentioned seems to be taking place in our world today. Jimmy DeYoung joins Dr.

The breaking of the seven seals

John Ankerberg discuss current events in light of biblical prophecy. Jimmy DeYoung Scripture reveals that in the end times a global government will arise led by a single leader called the Antichrist. In our contemporary world, we see increasing indications of this future global level of control. Economically, the bottom billion people in the world live on one dollar or less per day.

Entire nations have gone bankrupt in the recent global economic crisis, becoming entirely dependent on entities such as the European Union for survival.

What will happen in the end times?

Please note we are not able to get to every comment due to the number we receive. To speak with someone directly please use the form here. Your prayer has been added to the prayer corner. The end times are a very important subject in the Bible.

Prophecies, Signs, & Events of The End Times VII - Jim Hammond

They are addressed in many of the Old Testament prophetic books Isaiah through Malachi. In the New Testament, the primary passages on the end times are Matthew , Mark , Luke , Luke , 1Thessalonians , 2Thessalonians , 2Peter , and the Book of Revelation. Regarding the "rapture," the event where Christ's true followers are caught up to meet him in the air, some main texts for that are: Matthew , Mark , 1Corinthians , 1Thessalonians , and 2Thessalonians