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Write and design your own magazines Story writer's ideas journal Creative writer's handbook Make your own comics Write your own mystery and ghost stories Write your own story book Creative writing book My first story writing book Write and draw your own comics. Fantastic fiction We're very proud that a number of Usborne children's fiction titles have won or been shortlisted for major awards. Jekyll and Mr. See all books for 7 to 11s. Award Winner! What's happening to me?

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Enjoy learning how to draw and paint a snowy winter scene onto a canvas. Learn how to add shadows, depth and light to create a fun wintery landscape to hang on your wall or give as a Christmas gift. Enjoy learning how to paint trees, the galaxy and reflections using acrylic paints on canvas. A step by step class to teach you a variety of techniques to paint this midnight lake. Please bring a snack or packed lunch. Enjoy learning how to draw and paint birds and flowers using watercolours, inks and pen.

A really fun technique that gets great results and can be applied to lots of different subjects.

the lantern parade

During this class we will working step by step to learn how to draw different animals, including how to capture details, expressions and personality. Learn how to paint a Koi Carp using acrylic paints, pencils and bubble blowing onto canvas.

How to draw Lightning Mcqueen - Easy step-by-step drawing lessons for kids

Learn how to create shadowing, depth and movement with some clever techniques and brushstrokes. Most children love art. They are brave about it too, with very little inhibitions about what they make and no fear of a blank canvas.

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We aim to keep it that way. Confidence is something we work on as well. It is one of the most important attributes to making great art.

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  4. We encourage the children to be positive about their art, not to panic about mistakes and to give things a try. Each lesson the children work on a project. We present the children with an idea and show them the technique. We then encourage them to develop their idea through sketches to work out a good composition. The theme for this course was 'Places' and the project was about vanishing points and perspectives.

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    The children were asked to find the vanishing point on these images. They were shown how to create a 3D city with a vanishing point and had to come up with a monster to attack the city 'Godzilla' style. This was a two week project and here are the results…. If you have any questions or would like to find out more about our art classes please call on