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By asking questions you may suggest ideas that are new to me. Various ways of expressing the truth we are studying will bring light Satan sees this, and he is determined it shall be hindered.

He knows that if he can deceive the One will arise, and still another, with new light which contradicts the light that God has given under the demonstration of His Holy If there is not expansion and development, and an increase of faith The earth itself, the very field that Satan claims as his, is to be not only ransomed but exalted. Our little world, under the curse of The light shining from the cross reveals the love of God. His love is drawing us to Himself. If we do not resist this drawing, we A change is wrought which man can never accomplish for himself.

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Our Day return guarantee still applies. Advanced Book Search Browse by Subject. Make an Offer. Find Rare Books Book Value. Four more photographs of other mountains are arranged in the same manner on the facing page. Because fossils of plants or animals, supposed on the basis of their simplicity, to have evolved early are in strata on top of others containing fossils of plants or animals supposed to have evolved much later, it is said by modern geologists that the original positions of the strata have been reversed.

Photograph and Caption by Edward B. Such a presentation obviously indicates a gradual progression of life from the simple to the complex, from lower to higher, and therefore implies organic evolution. This is considered by geologists to be a tremendously important key to the interpretation of geological history. Of course, it is maintained by many stratigraphers that other factors, especially that of superposition of the strata, are also important in geologic correlation and that, in general, these factors justify the usual assignment of ages to strata on the basis of their fossil contents.

The usual situation, however, is that only a few formations are ever superposed in any one locality and that it is very difficult or impossible to correlate strata in different localities by this principle of superposition. The fossils must be resorted to, and the fossil sequence is assumed to accord with the principle of evolution. There is no truly objective time sequence to the fossil record, since the time connections are based on the evolutionary assumption, which is the very point in question. Fossils are used as the only key for placing rocks in chronological order. The criterion for assigning fossils to specific places in that chronology is the assumed evolutionary progression of life; the assumed evolutionary progression is based on the fossil record so constructed.

The main evidence for evolution is the assumption of evolution! During the s, many young-Earth creationists followed Whitcomb and Morris by advocating that the ordering to the fossils and their containing strata was a fiction conceived by atheists bent on proving preconceived notions of evolution. It has served more than all other dating methods to establish evolutionary theory. It must be remembered that, as applied today, it always supports evolutionary theory!

Of course, the reason for this is by now perfectly clear: the method assumes that evolutionary theory is experimentally correct so that a suitable family tree can be set up depending on evolutionary concepts.

Then it confirms the veracity of the evolutionary theory on the basis of the evolutionary family tree … that is, the index fossil method is calibrated against the theory of evolution … then it proceeds to calibrate evolutionary theory against the index fossil method. Is it surprising that the theory of evolution confirms the index fossil method and vice versa? Neodarwinian theory has been thriving on this circular thinking between theory and practice and practice and theory for over years.

The pattern of preserved organic remains in rocks is an empirical one. Any valid theory of the history of the Earth must take into account this empirical pattern. Even as Price and Nelson were vigorously promoting the thesis that the order to the fossil record is a fiction contrived by atheistic scientists, some of their contemporary Flood geologists were grappling with the fact of biotic succession of stratigraphy.

Morris and Parker, pp. Sometimes we think of a flood as washing sediment from a higher area into a lower one and mixing everything in a disorganized pattern. However, flood deposits are often well-sorted, forming widespread flat layers. On a larger scale, mixing is even more difficult. A sequence of fossils would result as slowly rising floodwaters sequentially destroying the various preflood landscapes along with their unique organisms, redepositing them in order in large depositional basins of the continents.

Adherents of the ecological zonation theory claim that most large-scale features of the fossil record can be harmonized within the restrictions of a single year-long Flood event. Dinosaurs and other Mesozoic reptiles were not so mobile and so apparently could not find the highest refuges from the catastrophic Flood, and so were entombed in an intermediate stratigraphic position. However, there are many blatant incongruities in this explanation. Presumably they were as mobile as many birds and even more mobile than many mammals and so should be preserved well throughout the Cenozoic.

Why did a catastrophic global Flood not mix a few angiosperms with standard Carboniferous plant communities? As a third incongruity, there are many examples in the rock record of marine fossiliferous successions overlying terrestrial fossil-bearing strata. A leading historian of geology, Nicolaas A. Ronald Numbers. Caption by Ted Davis. To their credit, some Flood geologists recognize that the theory of ecological zonation does not magically remove all paradoxes of Flood geology at one blow.

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Ariel Roth, for example, acknowledges that the sedimentary record demonstrates abundant marine fossils at several stratigraphic levels. To resolve this discrepancy, Roth proposed that before the Flood, there were major seas, more extensive than the present-day Caspian Sea, for example, existing at various levels on the continents. The biota of these perched seas would be preserved at differing heights from the biota of the pre-Flood ocean floor Origins , p.

Much of the surface of the continents and the continental shelves is covered with thick stacks of lithified sedimentary rock deposited in layers. The layers are characterized in terms of bulk chemistry, mineralogy, color, texture, internal features like laminae and traces of burrowing, and body fossils.

Flood geologists feel compelled to explain most of these bedded rocks as resulting from the Flood of Noah. It must also have been competent to smear this soft material over vast regions of the Earth. On the other hand, there are scriptural and geological objections to the planetary Flood model. First, Scripture speaks of the general location of the Garden of Eden with reference to the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers.

In the second place, geologists wonder how a powerful agent like the Flood described above can deposit sedimentary layers in which great consistency in particular size, color, texture and fossil content can be maintained.

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How can one layer be distinctive tan limestone that bears fossil corals and other marine organisms, while its upstairs neighbor is a distinctive brown mudstone that contains terrestrial plants? How can layers that are pure accumulations of salt or gypsum, minerals that are produced by evaporating seawater, occur amid the other layers described? Why are not all these elements mingled into chaotic jumbles? Flood geologists believe that fossil preservation requires rapid burial.

Q.E.D.; Or, New Light on the Doctrine of Creation - George McCready Price - Google книги

This is true to some extent, but rapid burial need not be applied over the entire stratigraphic record in one geologic instant. The record may be a succession of local instances of burial. Many dense skeletal fossil accumulations, when closely examined, are explainable as natural built-in traps for organic remains or are only localized mass mortality settings. Research by thousands of biostratigraphers during the past two hundred years has verified that a well-defined order to the fossils occurs through the succession of strata.

Contrary to the repeated claims of many contemporary seven-day creationist authors, the ordering of the fossil record is not a fiction born of a desire to prove Darwinism.

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The record first came to view through the hard labor of many, including numerous Christians, a generation prior to Darwin. Other creationists attempt to explain the ordering of fossils as a result of the preservation of pre-Flood ecological zonation. How much tweaking can the record accommodate before the model fails? During the nineteenth century, prior to the development of geochronometers such as radiometric dating, geologists became convinced that the record gave abundant proof for the passage of time while the layered rocks were forming, far too much time to be accommodated during a single year-long Flood.

We examine a few select cases exhibiting the passage of time in chapter ten [not part of this series]. Thus we, along with all other mainstream geologists, insist that the overall stratigraphic record overwhelmingly testifies to the passage of long time intervals rather than testifying to the power of a single, short-term planetary catastrophe. We learned in the previous section that a common YEC claim is false: that the standard picture of fossils in a certain sequence is based on circular reasoning.

Because they have put on blinders, young-Earth creationists are unwilling to accept the totality of the available geologic evidence.

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They are unwilling to abandon their young-Earth, global-Flood hypothesis even when the evidence shows it to be untenable. They have ignored or distorted a vast body of evidence that is contrary to their preconceived notion of what Earth history must have been like. They have focused only on data that, taken in isolation from geologic contexts, might be seen as favorable to their own theory. They claim continually to argue from the evidence of nature, but they have repeatedly ignored what is inconvenient for them.

Although some of the phenomena of the sedimentary rock record might be interpretable in terms of a great Flood, most of the phenomena to which they appeal are far more satisfactorily explicable in terms of much smaller scale processes than a global catastrophic Flood. Young-Earth creationists have refused to face the evidence from metamorphism, the kinetics of mineral formation and heat flow from cooling magmas. They have tried to make the evidence from radiometric dating say something opposite from what it does say. Although a tiny fraction of geologic evidence might suggest a global Flood if considered in complete isolation from the wealth of other evidence, the overwhelming totality of evidence argues mightily against a global Deluge.

In the end, the dogged persistence in holding on to a young Earth and a global Deluge has less to do with geology than with other concerns.