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Workshop on NSV ECOOP Verifiable Reinforcement Learning via Policy Extraction. NeurIPS Active Learning of Points-To Specifications. PLDI Program Synthesis using Conflict-Driven Learning.

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Measuring Neural Net Robustness with Constraints. Beyond Deductive Inference in Program Analysis. Interpretability via Model Extraction. Synthesizing Program Input Grammars. NDSS NIPS It shows how to communicate effectively through these different channels, and teaches how to develop your broadcast delivery. The authors also discuss podcasting, webradio and other forms of online announcing. This training book has been written for broadcasters. Most chapters include practical exercises and useful tips, such as how to warm up your voice before speaking. Broadcast consultant Valerie Geller explains universal ways to engage listeners.

Chapters include topics like: how to interview people effectively and clarify complex stories, but also how to produce your show and coach your talent. This guide about how to present and produce a radio show is focused on the UK radio market, but includes many universal principles. The book also explains a lot of radio jargon.

This is a source for people who are looking for a job in radio journalism, or would like to develop their skills in that area.

Five Books Every Radio Broadcaster Should Read

What do listeners really want from radio? David MacFarland is using research data from less usual sources to answer this. He talks about listener-friendly production and announcing styles, and little-known music scheduling techniques based on audience moods. Shock Jock Howard Stern is different than any other radio host. The book covers production and programming basics, but more for people who are just starting in radio than for seasoned professionals.

Making Radio is about techniques for presenting, researching, copywriting, producing, marketing and promoting radio. All for several different program formats. He talks about Radio 2. It highlights trends such as media concentration, cluster-wide sold content, and the impact of digital.

This work is about production and programming fundamentals that increase station performance. Instead of focusing on theory and terminology, the approach is rather practical as the authors provide many examples. Chapters include: creating station identity, using music and news strategically, analyzing radio ratings, and more.


This book offers practical advice for programming both talk and music formats. From art programming, marketing, branding to science music testing, audience studies, ratings analysis. Included are forms for daily operations PSA schedules, format clocks, etc. Last but not least, there are suggestions on how to find radio broadcasting jobs and negotiate with employers. Groups like Clear Channel own many local stations and often air standard programming through automatic satellite feeds. The book ends on the positive side: local, personal radio still exists — and may come back on a larger scale.

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This book is intended as a guide to break into broadcasting, both on air and behind the scenes. It features interviews with media personalities such as Larry King , but also station managers and their staff share stories about how they started. A guide for everyone who wants to be a radio or TV host, featuring both basic and advanced techniques for news, sports, and music programming. The author also addresses ethical media responsibilities.

A practical book for radio producers of radio content. Topics include developing content ideas, booking celebrity guests, crafting interesting interviews, and creating great phoners. A classic radio broadcasting book that is in print for 25 years now.

Michael C. He also looks at the consequences of clustering stations and management, and new ways of content distribution for radio — such as weblogs, podcasts, and mobile multimedia devices. The book offers ideas on programming for new radio formats that evolve thanks this new digital technology.

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This classic radio programming book covers the history of contemporary radio, based on interviews with legendary programmers like Bill Drake and Ron Jacobs , about the birth of Top 40 and Boss Radio. Further, the book mentions promotional ideas from this radio era of which some might even work again today.

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