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This made publishers shift to a new strategy for cheap home delivery. Circulation managers drummed up a massive juvenile labor force with a new style and purpose. These were mostly middle-class teenagers, who could represent the paper on the doorstep of every American home. They sold subscriptions, not just individual papers. The old newsies were tough kids, hollering and fighting their way to dominate a street corner.

They worked long hours and strayed far from their neighborhoods.

'This is the stuff you fire your agent for'

But the new paperboys were businessmen, establishing relationships in their own communities and working fixed routes with regular hours. This was all under the guidance of circulation managers, who looked after them — and kept after them.

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The new management system worked so well in the Depression that it went largely unchanged for half a century. But little did I know as I tossed my papers in the s, I was at the historical peak of the paperboy phenomenon.

By the s, middle class women were going to work in larger numbers, and fewer were reading the afternoon paper. Grown-ups now had cable TV news to watch, and then came the real tidal wave: the Internet. But the youth culture changed too. Middle class kids were less motivated toward manual labor, and adults with cars began to take over the routes.

TBI Invisible Heroes of Every Day: The Paper Boy

Increasingly, this was as close as most kids got to the real adventure of being a paperboy, where actual dogs bite you and flesh-and-blood grown-ups tell you to keep off the lawn. In , newsies in New York City went on strike to protest their working conditions, bringing traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge to a standstill for several days. The strike inspired a Disney musical, Newsies , which proved less successful than the original strike. This illustration from a Depression-era circulation manual instructs the paperboy on the importance of a middle-class appearance.

Reproduced in Postol [] But then Jack meets Charlotte, and the sun comes out, and the colours intensify, and the cicadas in the trees scream with redoubled vigour. Better still, the film has a ball with it. Take the outrageous prison sequence, in which Kidman drives Cusack to orgasm with a lewd dumb show from the other side of the meeting room — or the intimate moments Daniels intercuts with shots of pigs truffling through filth and alligators lurking in the bayou.

Shyness and squeamishness are repeatedly punished.

5 Lessons Learned as a Paper Boy - Todd Durkin

In an already infamous vignette, a flustered Jack runs into the sea for a cooling swim — only to be lashed by jellyfish tendrils and then doused with a jet of steaming urine, as Charlotte drags him up the beach, hunkers down and gamely applies the remedy. As a piece of art this is all lust, no caution; a heady mirage of sex, swamps and soul music that wants nothing more than for you to share in the joke.

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The Paperboy

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